U2 Laptop Stand

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U2 Laptop Stand comes in 2 different model, U2 and U2 pro. Both are made of strong alluminium alloy material, suitable to hold notebook, macbook pro, laptops, tablets up to 17 inch.

The stand comes in a pouch, it's portable and sleek made easy to carry. The U2 model is lighter but the minimal setting angle is about 30 degrees. For the U2 pro the minimal setting angle is about 17 degrees which is more variable. The U2 pro is slightly more stable comparing to U2 but it depends on the situation (travel, at office, angle preferences, etc.) which one may be more versatile for you. 

The height it's adjustabled up to 4 or 5 different angles to relieve cirvical pain. It doesn't slide around comparing to other laptop stands because of silicone pads. It's compact, light, sturdy with good quality design its definitely a fine stand for users.